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Our three W's 

The Who 

Based in South and Central London, we are a SME consultancy firm that specialises in large-scale event transport and pedestrian management, we have been operating since 2007.


Key members of the team have over 20 years experience of designing and operating some of the most complex transport plans for prestigious events.  


Our clients include central and local government, along with premiership football clubs and some of the biggest festivals in the UK

The Why 

Designing, delivering and optimising your event, are key to your finances & your reputation.


For any event a robust transport plan is core to the success of the event, transport is the first thing that spectators, fans, artists, or athletes think of when booking or planning on getting to your event.  It is also the last thing they remember when leaving the event. It is essential that the travel is right to leave the lasting memories of an amazing experience.


We have a proven track record.  Few people have the opportunity or experience to operate events on the scale we do. Our team combine years of expertise so you can feel confident your event will be handled by the best.  


The What 

Stadium Management understands the needs of the customer, putting them first and making sure all their requirements are catered for en route to an event.


We specialise in developing transport plans that minimise the impact of a new or existing event on the local community whilst maintaining complete operational effectiveness.


Main areas of work:


  1. Logistical management solutions for major, minor, regular and one-off events
  2. Transport Planning & modelling
  3. Transport Operations / event management
  4. Pedestrian management and modelling
  5. Innovative ways of minimising the effects and impacts of an event
  6. Communication & Client Liaison
  7. Green Travel plan compilation and management.
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