NATO Conference – Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

Event Date - 4-5 September 2014


Stadium Management Ltd was contracted to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as strategic advisors for the transport operations for the NATO conference.


There were a number of projects that we were contracted for.


First Part of project undertake modelling and calculate number and type of vehicles required to move all type of delegates, VIPs, guests and press on, off and around site for the conference. We developed a bespoke modelling tool that could be used all the way through the planning of the event and could be tested with different scenarios as required, this meant that there was a robust planning tool available to cater for every peak transport movement.  This initial estimate of vehicles was required as part of the procurement process for a vehicle supplier.


Part two was to develop a procurement strategy in order to secure the large number and type of vehicles that were required.  This strategy looked at using best practice standards developed for London 2102, understanding what the UK industry could supply and also included the security requirements that this type of event required.


We undertook market research of over 30 companies in the UK that could supply vehicles for this type of operation and whittled it down to just eight that the FCO would then take through their formal procurement processes.  We assisted the FCO with their interview process as one of our team was on the interview panel for the final procurement selection process.

We assisted the FCO with all the elements that needs to be procured and thus operated for this type of event.


Leading up to the event the pressure mounted up with last minute changes to the transport plan from multi police agencies (met police, close protection, Heldu and Special Forces).  This resulted in an increased service level from us over the last few weeks leading up to the event.


This included support with mapping and vehicle route planning.  We undertook the design, implementation and operation of traffic signage for the site.   We compiled and printed a briefing document that explained the event and how the transport plan was to be operated, the 20 page colour booklet was distributed to over 400 drivers and was the ‘go too’ document for the event.


The final part was on event days where we pulled in additional support staff to bolster the transport operation, always a challenge with last minute pass verification and approval.   We worked hand in hand with the FCO to help brief their staff and volunteers, set up transport operations and queuing systems.  We worked closely  with the Met’s close protection team to plan and manage the movement of key delegates on and off the Celtic Manor site.  We also undertook a rapid response roll to fix operations on the ground.


The project was a interesting challenge but was a great success for the FCO and NATO

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