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Stadium Management specialise in travel plan complication but unlike other leading firms we put that plan into operation.


Over the years Travel and Transport plans have become an essential part to local authorities licence conditions for major and minor events.


We tailor the full detailed travel plan and summarise the key objectives, goals and plans within the Event Management Plan (EMP).


From designing the full plan we implement all the staffing and logistical requirements. Management of the plan and all of Stadium Management staff and contractors is controlled from event control via a tried an tested C3 (Command, communication & Coordination) structure.  We work closely with the local authority and the police force to ensure the plan is co-oriented efficiently and is as smooth as predicted.


To ensure that your event is maintaining value for money we undertake procurement process to find the best value for money contractors that we may need to use.


This means that your team will have peace of mind that all relevant aspects of the event management plan have been co-ordinated with the travel plan which will result in a successful event.

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