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Stadium Management Ltd specialises in transport planning for major minor and one off events. We specialise in Travel plan compilation specifically Green travel plans.


Travel plans have been used successfully for many years, whether secured through planning or prepared on a voluntary basis. They are an important tool for promoting sustainable travel, e.g. walking, cycling, public transport, and help to reduce single occupancy car use. They also encourage effective use of current transport networks and support their enhancement. Travel plans are now being used to secure the provision of sustainable travel choices, both to new events and to expansion of events.


A travel plan is a package of measures produced to encourage event goers to use alternatives to single-occupancy car-use. Such a plan for example, could include: car sharing schemes; train travel and coach travel; restricted car parking schemes.


Travel plans can offer real benefits not only to the organisation of the event, but also the community that surrounds it. It may help to relieve local parking or congestion problems or improve public transport connections across the area. It may also relieve stress on event goers through reducing delays.


Travel plans can be a key tool in achieving national, regional and local objectives to manage the demand for movement and improve accessibility for everyone.

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