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The Stadium Management team have developed, commissioned and sourced numerous innovative products for our clients across a variety of industry sectors to solve specific technical and operational problems.


Drawing on our experience and knowledge from technical design through to operations across a variety of market sectors our design team and manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop products that push the boundaries of existing technology in the industry.


A large number of the team worked on The London Olympic & Paralympic Games for LOCOG, which required them to develop more cost effective ways to deliver services resulting in the production of a number of new and innovative products.


Throughout the Games the team had to challenge and review previous ‘games’ processes to ensure the best solutions were being adopted. ” Just because it has been done that way before does not mean it’s the best way or the most economical.” Mark Bland (Head of T&MP LOCOG).


We aim to continually grow our product offering and bring new technologies to the market.

Working with a worldwide software provider ActiveConnex has been developed to address event planning and operational needs.  Modules are tailored to an the event to address the operational need of an event, thus providing a cost effective solutions.


The cloud based hosted solutions negate the need for costly hardware yet comply with the latest data protection requirements ensuring that your data is safe and secure. The modules are designed to bring cost savings through the effective management of data and transactions and are capable of dealing with single use projects to complex major / multi venue projects.

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